What's New in Flowol 4?

Flowol 4 is built on the same core principles and technology as Flowol 3. It uses the same flowchart programming symbols so everything you know from Flowol 3 will carry straight over. Flowol 4 uses 2D and 3D mimics to allow students to explore control system scenarios on the computer screen. And Flowol 4 supports the wide range ofcontrol/robotics hardware from many different manufactures.

What's New in Flowol 4?

  • Flowol 4 is distributed as a download rather than on CD-ROM. This helps the environment by removing the need to manufacture and deliver CD-ROMs. And if you happen to lose the licence key, we can always re-issue it to you if you have registered your purchase.
  • The core Flowol 4 package now contains 15 progressive mimics (2D: Zebra Crossing, Crossing Patrol, Bridge Lights, Lighthouse, Pelican Crossing, Robot, Santa, Auto Home, Greenhouse, School Bus; and 3D: Mobile, Big Wheel, Level Crossing, Train Set 1 and Train Set 2). Mimic solutions are available to teachers with the site-licence download.
  • The inputs, outputs and variables can now be named (mimics have default names), and these names are used in the flowchart symbols. This removes the need to remember to what device the input/output numbers are connected.
  • When Flowol 4 is first opened, a welcome screen guides users to open a mimic, or connect to an interface. It is no longer necessary to find these options on the toolbar or in a menu.
  • Flowol 4 controls and programs the new VEX IQ Kit.
  • Flowol 4 also controls the VEX Cortex controller with the VEX Robotics System.
  • The new fischertechnik ROBO TX interface is also supported.
  • Support for Ardunio microcontrollers.
  • Flowol 4 now supports encoder motors, ultrasonic distance sensors and servo motors with the appropriate interfaces.
  • Only those flowchart symbols and features that are appropriate to the level of the mimic/interface in use are visible in the left toolbar. Therefore users aren’t confused with options such as analogue sensors until they need them.
  • Flowol4 has some advanced features for KS3/KS4 users:
    • Graphs
    • Random Number generation
    • Passing parameters to subroutines
    • Using multiple mimics and/or interfaces at the same time
    • Advanced thread control
  • Flowol 4 includes both English, Español/Spanish and Dutch/Nederlands software language settings and tutorials.

What's Better in Flowol 4?

  • All of the mimics can be resized on the screen (2D and 3D).
  • The toolbars can be made larger so the icons are easy to find.
  • The Run and Stop buttons have been placed at the bottom-left together with the Speed and Pause controls. This location is similar to a video player.
  • PICAXE users with the newer chips can now run the flowchart while the chip is connected to the computer with the lead.
  • On Windows the USB device drivers are automatically installed for the FlowGo, Solo, FlowIC and Brainy interfaces when Flowol 4 is installed.
  • And many more refinements to the user interface...

Is Flowol 4 Compatible with Flowol 3?

Flowol 4 will load your flowchart files (.flo files) saved in either Flowol 2 or Flowol 3. Flowol 4 can also use any of the 2D or 3D* mimics you have, including those you may have created with the Mimic Creator.

* When upgrading to Flowol 4, be sure to order either P100U or S100U (see prices). These are free upgrades for the 3D mimic packs if you already have them.

Flowol 4 can be installed without having to uninstall Flowol 3, so you may continue to use them both.