VEX Swerve Drive Kit

The swerve drive kit lets you build a unique drive and steering configuration for your VEX robot. Get unmatched maneuverability and increased versatility through drive pods which can be configured with up to 360 degrees of rotation.
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Improve robot maneuverability.
Unique steering and drive arrangement.
Steel brackets included.

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Kit Contents:
(2)Steel Swerve Brackets.
(2)60-tooth High Strength Gears w/Round Hole Inserts.
(2)2.75" Wheels.
(2)1-1/8" 8-32 Screws.
(4)5/8" 8-32 Screws.
(6)8-32 Nylock Nuts.
(4)4.6mm Plastic Spacers.
You can also use Omni Wheels with this kit (not included).