VEX Power Expander

Spread the Load.

This product is not competition legal for use with VEX V5.

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Use the VEX Power Expander to add a secondary power source for four of the PWM outputs on the VEX Microcontroller. Balance a robot's motor load across two batteries to extend robot run time and increase performance.

Attach a 2nd battery to your robot.
Power up to four (4) Motors or Servos.
Reduce motor load on primary battery.
Run your robot for longer!
Protected by an Internal Circuit Breaker.
Status port provides feedback to Microcontroller.
Monitor when your robot trips its breaker.
Monitor battery voltage.
Feedback LED shows battery and circuit breaker status.
PWM Slide Lock keeps cables from coming unplugged.

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Kit Contents:
(1) Power Expander.
Compatibility: Any VEX Microcontroller, 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 2000mAh, 7.2V Robot Battery NiMH 3000mAh.
Input Voltage: 5 - 12V max.
Capacity: Internal auto-resetting circuit breaker trips above 4 Amps total (4 combined Outputs).
I/O Ports:
(4) PWM Inputs.
(4) PWM Outputs.
(1) Status.
Usage Notes:
The VEX Power Expander also incorporates an internal circuit breaker to prevent damage to the unit or connected devices. The Feedback LED provides the battery and circuit breaker status of the unit. Refer to the documentation page above for more information.