VEX Motor Controller 29

Add more motors.

This product is not competition legal for use with VEX V5.

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The VEX Motor Controller 29 uses a standard PWM signal (like that originating from the 3-wire ports on VEX Microcontrollers) to drive a VEX 2-Wire Motor.

Note: We recommend using no more more than one (1) 3-Wire extension cable in between the Motor Controller 29 and a VEX Microcontroller. For longer extensions, use 2-Wire extension cables in between the Motor Controller 29 and a VEX 2-Wire motor.

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Kit Contents: (1) Motor Controller 29.
Battery In: Max battery voltage: 8.5V (with fully charged 7.2V battery), Max current: 4 A.
Black Wire: Ground.
Orange Wire: Power.
White Wire: PWM Signal: 1ms - 2ms will give full reverse to full forward, 1.5ms is neutral,
200µs for brake mode (like neutral, but motor terminals shunted together). Brake mode may not be supported by your complier.
Red & Black Wires: Motor Connections.
Microcontroller: Compatible with 3-wire motor ports on all VEX Microcontrollers.