VEX Chassis Kit, Small, 15x16

VEX Robotics chassis kits are larger versions of the VEX standard kit chassis. Mix and match to make a total of 16 different chassis sizes.
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Four sizes available: 15x16, 25x25, 35x35, and 35x35 super.
Note: Chassis sizes are listed by number of VEX holes, (i.e. a 15x25 chassis is 15-holes wide x 25-holes long).
The Rails and Angles are also available individually.
100% VEX Robotics compatible.
Hardware not included.
These chassis use a design similar to the ProtoBot chassis, including (2) bumpers and (4) rails. The flexibility and variety of design options makes these chassis great for any robot project.

Variable chassis width by mounting the rails inward.
Space between rails for protected chain or gear reduction.
Extra "fifth hole" in the center of four holes adds additional flexibility.
Wheels may be mounted outboard or between the rails.
Bumpers may be mounted up-side-down for more flexible designs.
The "Super" chassis is taller with more vertical mounting locations.

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Kit Contents:
(2) Bumpers.
(4) Rails.
Material Type: Cold Rolled Steel per ASTM A-1008 CS Type B (approx 40ksi tensile strength).
Material Thickness: 0.046" (1.17mm).
Material Finish: Zinc Plated.
Hole Size: 0.182 square (VEX standard).
Weight: 0.84 lbs.