VEX Light Sensor

The light sensor uses a photocell that allows your robot to detect and react to light. With the light sensor, you can program a whole new range of capabilities to your robot.
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Function:The light sensor enables a robot to detect light. Robots can be programmed to have a specific reaction if a certain amount of light is detected. The light sensor uses a cadmium sulfosolenide (CdS) photoconductive photocell. The CdS photocell is a photo resistor, meaning that its resistance value changes based on the amount of incident light.

Uses: Design a simple tracker that follows the beam of a flashlight, or use a light sensor to help your robot to avoid getting stuck under furniture by making it steer away from shadows. You can even give your robot color vision by putting colored filters on different light sensors!

Compatible with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller and Flowol 4 Software.

Analog input of light levels.
Usable range of 0 to 6 feet.
Find dark or bright areas.
Create more autonomous function.

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Kit Contents:
(1)Light sensor.

Compatibility: VEX Cortex Microcontroller; 3-Wire Extension Cables.
Input Type: Light
Function :
Sensor: cadmium sulfosolenide (CdS) photoconductive photocell.
Sensor Type: photo-resistor.
Outputs: 3-Wire Cable
Connect to an analog input.
Black: ground.
Red: +5V.
White: control signal.
Light sensor weight: 0.026 lbs (11.8 grams).
Actual weight one one item (no packaging).