VEX Sprocket & Chain Kit

Roller Chain & Sprockets custom sized for VEX.

Not compatible with the VEX EDR High Strength sprockets. Additional High Strength Chain available here.
This is not compatible with VEX IQ sprockets. Additional VEX IQ Chain available here.

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VEX Robotics parts ship from Texas

US Schools/School Districts can order by Purchase Order

The six different sprocket sizes allow for a variety of ratios. Great for any application where you need to transfer power across long distances.

Transfers power effectively over long distances.
Designed to carry moderate loads.
Every section of chain is a master link.
(14) Sprockets in (5) Sizes.

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Kit Contents:
(2)10-tooth sprockets (.526" diameter).
(4)15-tooth sprockets (.75" diameter).
(4)24-tooth sprockets (1.18" diameter).
(2)40-tooth sprockets (1.93" diameter).
(2)48-tooth sprockets (2.3" diameter).
(1)Inventor's Guide Insert.
(326)Chain Links = 48" (1,219mm) of chain.
Compatibility: All VEX Square Shafts 0.125" (3.2mm).
Material Type: Plastic.
Chain Length: (326) Chain Links provide approximately 48" of chain.
Master Links: Every link can act as a mater link to make chains of any length.
Chain Width: Links are 0.25" Wide.
Mounting Holes: 0.175" diameter.

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