VEX Additional High Strength Chain

This kit provides additional high strength chain that works with the VEX High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit.
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(140) High Strength Chain Links.
(20) Attachment Links.
High Strength Design - up to 50 lbs.

More Information

Kit Contents:
(140)High Strength Chain Links.
(20)Chain Attachment Links.
Compatibility: High Strength Sprocket & Chain Kit, Tank Tread Kit, Tank Tread Upgrade Kit.
Material Type: Delrin Plastic.
Master Links: Every link can act as a master link to make chains of any length.
Tensile Strength: Approximately 50 lbs.
Chain Length: 140 Links = 54" (1,372mm).
Chain Width: Links are 0.57" Wide, Attachment Links are 1.5" Wide.
Mounting Holes: 0.175" diameter.
High Strength Chain: 0.032 lbs/ft (14.5 grams).
Chain Attachment Links: 0.094 lbs/ft (42.6 grams).
Actual weight of one item (no packaging).
Note: 1 ft = 30 links.