VEX 3-Wire PWM Cables (Small Bundle)

Extension cables are used to extend the length of a 3-wire cable such that a motor/servo or sensor can be farther from the VEX Microcontroller.
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3-wire "Y"-cables allow 2 motors/servos to be driven by a single microcontroller output.

(1) extension cable 6".
(1) extension cable 12".
(1) "Y"-cable 6".

More Information

Kit Contents:
(1)3-Wire Y-Cable 6".
(1)3-Wire Extension Cable 6".
(1)3-Wire Extension Cable 12".
Compatibility: Extension cables compatible with: Motors and Servos, All 3-wire sensors.

Y-cables compatible with:
Motors and Servos.
Not compatible with sensors.

Usage Notes: Only connect one Y-cable to a motor output, allowing two motors or servos.
Do not daisy chain multiple Y-cables to one port.
3-wire Y-Cable 6": 0.008 lbs (3.63 grams).
3-wire Cable 6": 0.005 lbs (2.27 grams).
3-wire Cable 12": 0.009lbs (4.08 grams).
Actual weight of one item (no packaging).