VEX 2-Wire Motor Extension Cable Bundle

Extension cables are used to extend the length of a 2-wire cable such that a motor or motor controller can be farther from a VEX Microcontroller.
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(2) each extension cables in 6", 12".
(1) each extension cables in 24", 36".

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Kit Contents:
(2)2-Wire Extension Cable 6".
(2)2-Wire Extension Cable 12".
(1)2-Wire Extension Cable 24".
(1)2-Wire Extension Cable 36".
Extension cables compatible with:
2-Wire Motor 269 or 393
Motor Controller 29.
2-wire Cable 6"0.004 lbs (1.81 grams).
2-wire Cable 12"0.008 lbs (3.63 grams).
2-wire Cable 24"0.014 lbs (6.35 grams).
2-wire Cable 36"0.020 lbs (9.07 grams).
Actual weight of one item (no packaging).