VEXnet Joystick

Command your creation.
The VEXnet Joystick is the next generation of robot control for VEX Robots with the Cortex Microcontroller.

This product is not compatible with VEX V5.

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The VEXnet Joystick allows a human operator to control a robot in real-time using the innovative VEXnet 802.11 Wireless link. The joystick has two 2-axis analog joysticks, 4 trigger buttons and two 4-button directional pads. It also has an accelerometer that provides X-Y tilt outputs. This allows you to control an arm or drive system by changing the orientation of the joystick (tilting). Just plug a VEXnet USB Adapter Key into the port on the back and enjoy the ultimate in robot control.

Wireless robot control using VEXnet technology.
Compatible with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller.
(2) X-Y Analog Joysticks.
(8) Top Buttons.
(4) Back Buttons.
(1) Internal Accelerometer.
Link (2) joysticks together with (1) VEXnet Key 2.0.

Additional Info

Additional Info


Kit Contents:
(1) VEXnet Joystick.
Compatibility : VEXnet USB Adapter Key (not included), Can only be used with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller.
Radio Frequency Meets all 802.11b/g specifications.
User Inputs:
(2) X-Y Analog Joysticks.
(8) Top Buttons.
(4) Back Buttons.
(1) Accelerometer providing X-Y Tilt outputs.
(1) Competition Port.
(1) Partner Port (for connection to another VEXnet Joystick).
(1) Program Port (for wireless programming with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller).
Batteries Required: 6 AAA (not included).
Size: 5.5in W x 4.3in L x 2.2in H.

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SKU 276-2192
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