VEX Metal & Hardware Kit

More tools for building the ultimate robot.
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Additional metal and hardware pieces let you create more complex devices.

(1)Steel Chassis 15x16x2.
(10)Steel Plates & Bars.
(6)Steel Gussets.
(52)Collars & Shafts & Bearings.
(66)Standoffs & Spacers.
(259)Screws & Nuts & Washers.

Additional Info

Additional Info


Kit Contents:
Steel Chassis:
(2)Chassis Bumper 2x2x15.
(4)Chassis Rail 2x1x16.

Steel Plates & Bars:
(2)Plate 15x5 holes.
(4)Bar 1x25 holes.
(4)Angle, Slotted 30 holes.

Steel Gussets:
(2)Gusset, Angle.
(2)Gusset, Plus.
(2)Gusset, Pivot.

Collars & Shafts & Bearings:
(16)Shaft Collar.
(4)Shaft 2in.
(4)Shaft 3in.
(2)Shaft 12in.
(16)Bearing, Flat.
(6)Bearing, Pillow Block.
(4)Lock Plate, Plastic.

Standoffs & Spacers:
(10)Standoff 1/2in.
(8)Standoff 1in.
(4)Standoff 2in.
(4)Standoff 3in.
(20)Spacer, Thin 4.6mm.
(20)Spacer, Thick 8mm.

Screws & Nuts & Washers:
(70)Screw 8-32 1/4in.
(28)Screw 8-32 3/8in.
(28)Screw 8-32 1/2in.
(14)Screw 8-32 3/4in.
(30)Washer, Steel.
(10)Washer, Plastic.
(65) Nut, Keps 8-32.
(14) Nut, Nylock 8-32.
Material Type: Cold Rolled Steel per ASTM A-1008 CS Type B (approx 40ksi tensile strength).
Material Thickness: 0.046" (1.17mm).
Material Finish: Zinc Plated.
Hole Size: 0.182 square (VEX standard).

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