Robot Mesh Studio V5 Beta

Throughout the VEX V5 Beta test period we will be releasing fairly frequent beta versions of Robot Mesh Studio (RMS) programming software for testing and feedback from the V5 Beta Community. A huge thank you to the VEX engineers for their support as we integrate with the fantastic V5 hardware!

Please note, this is a pre-release beta version.  The language API may change before release.

Getting Started

Our documentation is a work in process. New information will be added here. Please continue to use the V5 Beta Forum for questions/feedback or email us directly at

  • First use the Vex V5 Utility to ensure that the firmware in your V5 brain (and devices) is up to date.  If you're using Windows, this will also install the required USB device drivers.
  • Robot Mesh Studio V5 beta is currently a web application.  Go to and create an account to get started.
  • To connect with the V5 Brain, you will need to use either Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Chrome on the Mac, Chrome or Firefox on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) or Chromebook .  And, if you've not already done so, install the Robot Mesh Connect extension for your browser (click on the Install RMC plugin... at the top-right of the Studio page)
  • Click on Create a New Project and choose V5 Beta and then either Blockly, C or Python, enter a name and click Create.
  • If your V5 Brain is connected, the smart devices will be automatically detected and listed in the right-hand pane.  Add any Tri-Port devices by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the TriPort.
  • Write some code.
  • Click the Run button at the top to compile, download and run your program.

API Reference

In the Robot Mesh Studio IDE, click on the Help tab in the right panel to see the API documents, or use the links below
V5 Python API

Features coming soon to the RMS Beta

  • C++, Flowol programming
  • Offline programming
  • SD card support
  • Vision sensor configuration
  • C tasks

Beta Release History

RMS V5 Beta 2 (7 March 2018)

  • V5 Blockly graphical programming language with Python Code Generation
  • Displaying text on the V5 screen now uses opaque (clears background) font by default
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and Chromebook now supported for programming V5

RMS V5 Beta 1 (15 Feb 2018)

  • V5 C: Add sys_sleepMs(int ms) and sys_clockMs(void) functions as alternatives to the versions with take seconds.
  • V5 C: Support stdio.h library for reading and writing to the computer via the USB V5 User Serial Port.
  • Methods for setting font type, size and color on the display
  • Full-screen library of eyes for easy and quick display on the V5. Python docs, for C#include "eyes_bitmaps.h", and then use the function displayEyes(PURPLE_DOWN); (see python docs for other values).

RMS V5 Beta 0 (9 Feb 2018)

  • V5 C language initial beta release
  • V5 Python language initial beta release