VEX V5 for VRC Teams

V5 Clawbot

At VEX Worlds in April 2018, VEX Robotics announced that the new V5 system will be available to use for VRC teams in the 2018-2019 season with the new game Turning Point.  Robot Mesh has been working with VEX Robotics for several years on the development of V5 as our programming software Robot Mesh Studio will support V5 at its release in August.


Teams can choose whether or not to use the new V5 system or the current Cortex based system.  For complete details, please see the Turning Point Game Manual.  Teams using the V5 system can use up to 8 new V5 motors on the robot (or up to 6 motors if pneumatics is used).


However we strongly recommend that teams upgrade to V5 because:

  1. The V5 motors are significantly more powerful than the 393 motors.  A competition robot can comfortably have two V5 motors on the drivetrain and one V5 motor on a lift mechanism.
  2. The V5 motors all have encoders and microcontrollers (with PID) build in.  This easily enables autonomous code to accurately command motors to turn to specific positions and then to actively hold position.
  3. With the combination of V5 motors and the new battery, the performance of the motors is virtually 100% from fully-charged to nearly-empty battery. No more degradation of performance based on battery charge.
  4. The V5 Brain is a huge step up in processing power, memory and storage.  High-level programming languages can be used which execute quickly, and up to eight programs can be stored on the brain at once. The touch screen allows users to choose which program to run.
  5. A V5 robot only requires one new V5 battery which is powerful enough to drive all 8 motors.  No power expanders, no second batteries, no backup 9V battery, and the new batteries use an automotive-style Molex connector instead of the Tamiya-style RC-car plug and socket.
  6. The V5 can be configured for a comptition run of a specific time.  No more competition switch and stopwatch required for testing.
  7. The V5 Controller (joystick) has an LCD screen which can display debug information from the running program.
  8. Download wirelessly via the V5 joystick and VEXnet (no more Hardware Programming Kit required) or use the V5 Radio in Bluetooth mode for direct wireless download from your computer.



  1. The V5 kits won't be shipping until August, so if you want to build start building before then make sure you leave room for the new V5 motors (which are larger). 



Registered VRC Teams for the 2018-2019 Season can trade-in their existing Cortex, Joystick and (2) VEXnet keys for a discounted VEX V5 System Bundle and a 30% discount on up to 20 V5 Smart Motors.

Instructions for trade-in:

  1. If your team is registered in WA, OR, CA, ID, UT, CO, HI or AK then order VEX V5 System Bundle (Trade-In)  from Robot Mesh (one for each team you'd like to trade-in).
  2. Your order will be placed on hold and you will receive an email asking for your team number and providing instructions to return your (1) VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller, (1) VEXnet Joystick, and (2) white VEXnet Key 2.0s.
  3. After we receive and verify the returned parts and verify that your team is registered and paid for then we will process the order for your new system
  4. Each trade-in is eligible to purchase up to 20 new V5 Smart Motors at 30% off. Either purchase V5 Smart Motor (with Trade-in) with your order now, or (if no discounted motors are ordered) you will receive a coupon with your new V5 System Bundle when it ships to order motors later (coupon valid until 31 July 2019).  Teams using the V5 system can use up to 8 new V5 motors on the robot (or up to 6 motors if pneumatics is used).



  1. Spare V5 battery.  One battery and charger comes with the System Bundle.
  2. The new V5 Vision Sensor might be useful for positioning the robot during autonomous control.
  3. A second V5 Controller for a partner driver.  [There is no Partner Joystick for the V5 system, attach a second V5 Controller]
  4. Set aside some budget for Smart cable bundles, the Smart cable kit and crimping tool, high-speed and high-torque gearboxes, the new claw kit and any new structural and mechanical parts that your robot design may need for this year.



An example team budget for the new season with game elements and system trade-in to V5:

Part Number Description Unit Price Quantity Line Total Notes
VRC-2018-2019 VRC 2018 - 2019 Turning Point - Full Field & Game Element Kit $499.95 1 $499.95 Field Perimeter and Foam Tiles not included
276-4800-TRADEIN VEX V5 System Bundle (Trade-in) $224.99 1 $224.99 Requires registered team for 2018-2019 seasona and return of Cortex System
276-4840-withtradein VEX V5 Smart Motor (With System Bundle Trade-In) $24.50 10 $245.00 8 motors for the robot and 2 spare
276-4811 VEX V5 Robot Battery $49.99 1 $49.99 One battery is included with the System Blundle, this is a spare.  You may also want a second charger.
276-4850 VEX Vision Sensor $69.99 1 $69.99 New vision sensor for advanced autonomous program.
  New V5 accessories (Smart Cables, High Speed/Torque Gear Cartridges, Cable Kit)   Estimate $100 V5 accessories and prices will be announced before availability in August,
  New structural parts and mechanics to construct your teams unique robot design for this year's game   Estimate $300  
      Total $1,489.92