Parallax 3-pin Signal-Power-Ground Cable Extensions (4")

These female/female terminated cables are of high quality - specified and built-to-order specifically by Parallax and quality checked by Parallax Hong Kong engineering staff. The 22-gauge three-conductor wire is covered with a pliable silicone insulation and the tactile feeling conveys a much higher confidence than common extension cables.
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Parallax boards support these cables with their 3-pin male headers. Many Parallax sensors also use a 3-pin interface compatible with these cables. Whether you are flying an ELEV-8 quadcopter or extending your Ping))) sensor far from your microcontroller, these cables are the best choice.


  • 22 AWG 3-conductor insulated cable
  • 0.1" spacing single row connector for power, ground and signal
  • Female/female terminations
  • Uses Molex series 70058 #16-02-0087 terminal or equivalent
  • Uses Molex #50-57-9003 housing or equivalent
  • ROHS
  • Pliable tactile feeling