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  • Xbee® USB adapter

    The XBee® USB adapter is used for XBee® module configuration parameters to facilitate or to use as a wireless data transmission.

    XBee is a registered trademark of Digi International, Inc.

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  • Bluetooth Adapter Mini

    Bluetooth is a kind of wireless network transmission technology originally used to replace infrared. Learn More

  • Wireless Programming Module For Arduino

    Getting tired of plugging and unplugging the USB cable when you're debugging an Arduino project? This wireless programming module is designed for wireless uploading of sketches/codes to Arduino. Learn More

  • Built-in GPS Antenna (with amplifing function)

    This is a built-in GPS Antenna for the DFRobot LEA-5H GPS shield. This GPS Antenna also has an amplifying function. Its SMA male header can adapt to most GPS/GSM modules which have the MMCX interface. This antenna has been used on many navigation instruments and cellphones.

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  • WiFi Shield V3 PCB Antenna (802.11b/g/n)

    This WiFi Shield V3 supports AP+STA dual mode and is easy to connect to your router network. You only need a mobile phone or Pad to log in the AP network of this module (similar to the way with a router). After logging in the module, it is ready to connect the WIFI network (No AT command setup required, which is often very complex).

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  • Grove - Serial RF Pro

    This module is based around the HM-TRP wireless transceiver. Learn More


  • USB BLE-Link

    Low-Energy compatible Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle. Learn More

  • Bluetooth Bee v2.0

    The Bluetooth Bee is a Bluetooth SPP module compatible with standard XBee sockets.

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  • Grove - BLE Dual Mode v1.0

    Grove - BLE Dual Mode v1.0 combines standard Bluetooth and Bluetooth - Low Energy in one device. 

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  • Grove - Serial Bluetooth V3

    This module is based on the CSR Bluecore 04 radio. Learn More


  • Seeed Bluetooth Shield

    This shield uses the CSR BlueCore radio module to add Bluetooth communications to your Arduino-compatible microcontroller board. Learn More


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  • Grove - Serial WiFi

    This module is based around the ESP8266 WiFi transceiver. Learn More


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