Wireless Programming Module For Arduino

Getting tired of plugging and unplugging the USB cable when you're debugging an Arduino project? This wireless programming module is designed for wireless uploading of sketches/codes to Arduino.
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With up-to 5 meters range, you can bring your laptop wireless program your already deployed Arduino based devices which may be hard to open. Cut the wire, and try this superb communication module.

This module can also be used as a standard bidirectional wireless communication module with up to 20 meters range and 115200 bps speed(line in sight). When uses as communication modules, it exchanges data as a transparent serial port. Only Tx/Rx will be required to do the transmission.

Suitable for outdoor Arduino based devices.
Suitable for Arduino based robots.
Suitable for devices which are hard to reach.
Its pin out is compatible with XBee socket. You will need at least a Xbee Adapter and one of the following shield to perform the wireless programming:

XBee Adatper V2.
DFRduino IO Expansion Shield.
DFRduino Mega IO Expansion Shield V1.2.
Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1.
DFRduino Xbee Shield.

1. You will need a pair of this module to perform wireless programming.
2. It's not compatible with Arduino Leonardo series processor.

DFRduino Duemilanove.
DFRduino Mega.
Romeo v1.1.
Arduino Uno.
Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmeg328.
Arduino Diecimila,Duemilanove,or Nano w/ ATmega168.
Arduino Mega (ATmega1280).
Arduino Mini.
Arduino BT w/ ATmega328/168.
LilyPad Arduino w/ ATmega328/168.
Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (5V,16MHz) w/ ATmega328/168.
Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V,8MHz) w/ ATmega328/168.
Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega168/ATmega 8.

More Information
Data Sheets
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3V.
  • Working current: 10mA.
  • Working Temperature: 0 - 70 C.
  • Interface: UART (TTL).
  • Support Baud Rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/14400/19200/28800/38400/57600/115200.
  • Communication Range: 20 Meters (line in sight).
  • Frequency Band: 2.4Ghz .