DFR 10cm Infrared Sensor w/Breakout Board

This will help your robot detect the edge of a precipice, preventing it from falling off a table or down the stairs to it's hideous demise!
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Edge detection sensor from DFRobot. This IR distance sensor is connected to an Arduino digital pin.

Edge detection sensing.
Intelligent Mobile Robotics Platforms.
Home Cleaning Robots.


10cm infrared sensor w/Breakout Board (1 unit).
Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino (1 unit).

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Data Sheets

Supply Voltage: 2.7~6.2v.
Current: < 10mA.
Range distance: 1~10cm.
Interface: Digital output.
Signal Voltage: Vcc-0.6v(High) 0.6v(Low).
Size: 35x10x15mm.
Weight: < 5g.