Seeeduino Ethernet

The Seeeduino Ethernet is a Arduino-compatible Ethernet-enabled microcontroller.

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The Seeeduino Ethernet combines an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, an Ethernet shield, and a micro-SD card shield in a single board. The low-profile Ethernet socket is set into a cutout in the PCB, which makes this board compatible with some shields that the regular Arduino Ethernet board isn't.

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Data Sheets
  • CPU: ATmega328
  • Clock speed: 16MHz
  • Voltage: 3.3V/5V
  • Barrel plug input voltage: 7 - 12V recommended, 20V max.
  • Digital pins: 14 (6 PWM)
  • Analog pins: 8 (2 I2C)
  • Flash: 32KB
  • SRAM: 2KB