8*8 Matrix

A brand new way to play with 8*8 matrix!  This small matrix has a quicker & easier way of displaying what you want.

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Tiny, portable, with microcontroller, display & power supply included, making it more convenienient to play with. You can program whatever you want to display according to the sample codes on the Wiki page. For example, a beating heart, a smiley face, or even a slot machine. No need to connect other jumper cables & microcontroller.

This device requires an FTDI programmer to upload the program, which is connected to the board via the little cable that comes with the 8*8 matrix.

More Information
Data Sheets
  • MCU:Atmega8
  • Bootloader (Arduino board option: Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega8)
  • Led color:red
  • Programmable hang decorations
  • Built in lipo battery charger
  • 3.7v Lipo battery
  • Integrate Xbee socket
  • 8*8 matrix module x1
  • Size:32x32mm
Shipping List
  • 8*8 Matrix  x1 
  • USB to TTL Cable x1
  • Strap x1