Super Capacitor - 4.7F/2.7V

This small 4.7 Farad capacitor can be charged up and then slowly dissipated, running an entire system for hours.

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Combine two in series for 2.35F/5.4V. Do not over voltage or reverse polarize these capacitors.

It can be used in Electric toys, wireless modems, motor drivers, portable terminals, duplicators (rapid heating), car audio, remote controllers (self-electric charging), AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), uninterruptable power supply (UPS), electric valves, actuators, wind velocity (pitch control), and alarm/security devices.

More Information

Rating Voltage: 2.7V.
Capacitance: 4.7 Farad.
Rating output current: 1A.
Maximum output current: >4A.
Leaking current: 0.03mA.
Max. Internal Resistance: 0.03 m Ohm.
Voltage Under 24 hours charging: 2.4V.
500,000 cycle life (semi-permanent).
Size: 10x25mm.