Prototyping Board - SOP16/SOP28/SSOP28

This is a SOP16/SOP28/SSOP28 to DIP16/DIP28 Adapter Board. You can change the SOP16/SOP28/SSOP28 to DIP16/DIP28 packaging, so that you needn't to buy the DIP chips for prototyping specially. Just solder the SMD chips on the board and plug it into the bread board will make you convenient to do prototyping. It can be used re-used.

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This SOP16/SOP28/SSOP28 to DIP16/DIP28 adapter board allows you to use surface-mount chips for prototyping, instead of having to purchase single-unit quantities of through-hole packages. It works fine in breadboards, and can be reused a limited number of times.

More Information
Data Sheets
  • SOP16 datasheet
  • SOP28 datasheet
  • SSOP28 datasheet
  • Specifications
    • Board Color:Black
    • Size:21.7x38.5x1.6mm
    Shipping List
    • Prototyping Board-SOP16/SOP28/SSOP28             (1 unit)
    • 14 Pin Headers-Straight                          (2 unit)