Screw Shield V2 with Pin Headers

Feel secure with this Arduino-compatible screw shield.
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The DFRobot Arduino-Compatible Screw Shield is a terminal expansion board that allows you to screw in jumper wires to a screw terminal for a much stronger and more secure connection for your I/O and power pins.
The screw shield v2 from DFRobot also extends the power supply pins for the signal pins. You could directly plug in the sensors and the servos to the screw shield v2. The pin headers are color coded for easy identification between analog, digital, and power pins.

We commonly use: Green for digital I/O. Blue for Analog I/O. Red for Voltage.


Screw Shield V2 For Arduino (1 unit).

More Information

I/O Screw terminals.
3-Pin male headers for easy sensor/servo connection.
Colored pin headers.
Size: 32 x 65mm