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These 10 activities introduce students to Blockly programming for VEX EDR V5 robots, using an online simulation called a 'Mimic'. The programming is the same as if working with a physical robot, the only difference is whether the robot is online or sitting on the floor.

Grades 5-12, time 1 hour

Option 1: VEX EDR V5 Mimics

Quick link to the tutorial:

Online simulated robots mimic real VEX robots, and are programmed in Blockly. There is no need to buy a VEX EDR V5 kit. The online mimic robot is pre-built for the students.

Use for:

  1. Schools/groups that want to run a programming Hour of Code with robots and do not have enough robots to go around
  2. Schools/groups without VEX EDR V5 robot kits
  3. Outreach activity for VEX Robotics Competition teams wanting to host an Hour of Code
  4. Students with little or no previous programming experience

Computer requirements:

  1. Computer with a modern web browser (e.g. Windows 7-10, Mac OS X)
  2. No software or browser extensions to install!
  3. Will work on a Chromebook, but performance may be inadequate on very slow/inexpensive models
  4. Will be easier to create Blockly programs with a mouse than a touch-pad

Logging in: there is no need to sign up to Robot Mesh Studio to run the Hour of Code activities. Once a student starts their project, the system will store their work on a temporary basis. If a student or teacher wants to be able to save their projects online, they can create an account with an email address and password.

Run through the lesson: do the activities yourself before the Hour of Code, it will save you lots of time later.


Ask any questions in our Hour of Code support forum at

Follow-on Activities

Take a look at our VEX IQ curriculum activities to build on your Hour of Code learning more about robot movements, sensors and programming:



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