Building the Hour of Code VEX IQ Robot

The VEX IQ Robot we use in the Hour of Code is the VEX IQ Standard Drive Base with a few added parts and three sensors. Here's what you need to do before starting your Hour of Code:

Following the instructions in the "VEX IQ Build Instructions." You can find these in the box your robot came in, or you can click here to download a pdf version.  You build the standard drive base in the first 19 steps of the instructions, and you should stop there as other steps build other robots.


Here is a picture of a completed standard drive base:

Once you have your standard drive base built, you need to add the sensors and four additional structural items. This design requires these parts: 2 8x2 beams, 2  Large Chassis Corner Connectors, 10 connectors, 2 Bump Switches with cables, and 1 Touch LED with cable.

 Add Large Chassis Corner Connectors using 3 connectors on each side.

Standard drive base with brackets Standard drive base with beam

 Snap an 8x2 beam onto the front and top of the connectors.

One beam added Two beams added

 Add a bumper switch to the front beam, and the Touch LED sensor to the top. Plug the bumper switch into port 7, and the Touch LED into port 2.

Sensor connectors Sensors added

 Add connectors for the rear bumper switch, connect it, and plug it into port 9.

Rear bumper switch connectors Rear bumper switch installed

The final robot:

Completed Robot

Port assignments:

1 - Left drive motor

2 - Touch LED

4 - Front bumper switch

6 - Right drive motor

9 - Rear bumper switch

Start coding now!