'Flowol 2' is no longer available for the PC or Mac and has been replaced by Flowol 4

The control commands in Flowol are created with flowcharts.

When a flowchart symbol is selected from the toolbar and placed on the main screen, a 'prompt box' appears, which only allows appropriate instructions to be chosen for that symbol.

The lines are drawn by clicking from one symbol to the next.

Labels can be added to explain the purpose of each part of the flowchart.

Symbols, lines and labels can all be moved, edited or erased.

Flowol 2 can run up to 20 flowcharts simultaneously, each controlling a different event.  The diagram shows four of these.

A beginner may draw one flowchart to turn the security floodlight on when it is dark and off again when it is daylight.  Another flowchart could control an on/off sequence for the inside house lights after dark, and yet another to set and detect the alarm system. This progression of flowcharts provides the differentiation needed for each pupil.

More experienced users can introduce sub-routines [e.g. for car park barriers, automatic doors etc]. Variables may then be applied to repeat procedures, to count cars, or used to trigger different flowcharts [e.g. so industrial processes can be synchronized].

The solutions can be 'modelled' by testing them in a simulation mode on the 'mimics'.  These pictures are animated to show the effect of the outputs, and you can 'click' on sensitive areas on the mimic to trigger the inputs.  A wide selection of mimics are available but the 'Mimic Creator' now allows the user to produce their own.

When a suitable interface is connected, the real situation can then be controlled.

Sound can be added to examples on the PC version.  The 'Sound Recorder' from Windows allows noises or dialogue to be recorded, saved and called up when appropriate.

The 'Flowol Graph' window can data-log the analogue and digital inputs as line or block graphs and monitor the response of the outputs.

Flowol 2 is no longer available and has been replaced by Flowol 4.  Flowol 4 can be purchased at an upgrade price. See Flowol 4 for details.