Flowol 2/3/4 site license -> RMS Flowol upgrade

Flowol 2/3/4 site license -> RMS Flowol upgrade. Includes both Robot Mesh Studio Education Edition and Flowol 4

MacOS 10.15 Catalina is not supported.

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Flowol 4 allows students of all ages to develop logical reasoning and problem solving talents, develop programming skills and explore the world of automatic, autonomous systems and robots.

Programming visually with a flowchart allows the student to focus on the logic of their solution rather than the syntax of a written program.

Flowol 4 includes 15 mimics (on-screen simulations) which enable students and enthusiasts to learn how the flowchart works to control a progressive set of control systems scenarios.  Five of the mimics include 3D animated graphics.  The 100 page Flowol 4 tutorial includes an activity page for each mimic.

Flowol 4 can connect to and control a variety of controllers including all of the hardware available through Robot Mesh!

For more information, please see the Flowol 4 Product Page.

This item is an upgrade of an existing Flowol 2 or Flowol 3 site-license to Flowol 4.