Flowol 4 New Version Available

To download the latest version of Flowol 4, return to the Download page and enter your license key. Installing the latest version of Flowol 4, will automatically replace an earlier version of Flowol 4.

Flowol 4.17 (Released 16 September 2014)

  • VEX IQ: Fix assignment of joystick Axis C/D.
  • VEX IQ/VEX EDR: Scale joystick axis values to -100 to 100.
  • VEX IQ/VEX EDR: Motor output symbols accept negative speed values and run the motor in reverse.
  • Add Dutch language support and tutorial.
  • If Windows user's Documents folder is redirected to a network drive, always default to that directory in Open/Save dialogs.

Flowol 4.16

Recommended upgrade for VEX EDR and VEX IQ users.

  • VEX Cortex: Add support for download and debugging wirelessly using the VEXnet 2.0 keys.
  • VEX Cortex: Fix bug with using floating-point numerical math operations with download mode.
  • VEX IQ: Change motor commands with target distance to take degrees rather than ticks as value.
  • VEX IQ: Improve performance of Grey Scale (Color) and Gyro sensor.

Flowol 4.15

Flowol 4.14

  • Flowol 4 now supports the new Deltronics Control IT Extra Control Box.
  • Improve performance of the Integrated Motor Encoders on the VEX Cortex, support multiple motors being synchronized (so robots will move in a straight line).
  • Fix VEX Cortex motor bug where motor speeds larger than 100% reversed the direction of the motor in downloaded flowcharts.
  • Add support for the LCD Keypad Shield for Arduino.
  • Fix issue with the Parallax PING))) ultrasonic distance sensor on the Arduino.
  • Add partial French language in the Flowol software user interface.

Flowol 4.13

  • Fixed connection issue sometimes experienced when re-connecting to the VEX Cortex.
  • Fixed bug which prevented download of flowchart to VEX Cortex (over the USB cable) where the flowchart contained sub-routines.
  • The VEX LCD Module is now supported with the VEX Cortex which is great for debugging a downloaded flowchart.
  • Add support for the Parallax PING))) ultrasonic distance sensor to the Arduino.

Flowol 4.12

  • The VEX Cortex Competition Modes can now be used to control which threads (Starts) run in the VEX Robotics Competition.
  • If you don't have a VEX Competition Switch, the switch states can be simulated from Flowol 4.
  • On the VEX Cortex, motors can now be configured with a reverse polarity (switching forward/reverse directions on the motor).
  • Add support for the Arduino Leonardo (including the DFRobot Romeo V2.0 board).
  • Flowol 4 and the Mimic Packs can now be installed to Windows network shares.

Flowol 4.11

  • Flowol 4 now supports the VEX Robotics System (Cortex Controller).
  • Functionality added to Arduino microcontroller (servos, PWM output, encoder sensors, ultrasonic distance sensor, serial comms).
  • Spanish language added to software and tutorial.

Flowol 4.10

  • Mimic solutions are now available for site-licence customers of Flowol 4. The solutions link is at the top of the download page (after entering your licence key).
  • Windows 8 PCs (both 32-bit and 64-bit) now supported with Flowol 4.10
  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion now supported with Flowol 4.10 (note that XQuartz is required on OS X 10.8).

Flowol 4.09

  • New Train Set 2 animated 3D mimic. It's similar to the Train Set 1, but with two trains and a siding.
  • Flowol 4 now supports the new PICAXE 08M2/08M2+, 08M2LE and 18M2+ microcontrollers.
  • Flowol 4 will now compile and download flowcharts to the fischertechnik Robo TX which can be run remotely.
  • fischertechnik Robo TX now uses the new firmware version 1.30

Flowol 4.08

  • Flowol 4 now supports the new PICAXE 14M2 and 20M2 microcontrollers.
  • fischertechnik Robo TX now uses the new firmware version 1.24.
  • Corrected connection issue with Deltronics/Commotion Serial Port Control Boxes.
  • Beta version of Flowol 4 for Linux is now available to all licensed Flowol 4 users.

Flowol 4.07

  • Flowol 4 now supports the Arduino microcontroller and boards.
  • Corrected unexpected errors some users have observed when loading certain flowchart files.

Flowol 4.06

  • Enable 3D Mimic Packs to be installed either before or after Flowol 4.

Flowol 4.05

  • Improve Activation Step for Site-License users.

Flowol 4.04

  • Reliability improvements with the license key activation step on networks behind certain types of web-proxy.
  • Corrected the unexpected error when using certain sound files.

Flowol 4.03

  • Corrected the unexpected error when trying to edit a Call Sub symbol which is set to a subroutine which is no longer defined.
  • Flowchart files now save correctly when the computer's country settings have a non-period decimal mark (e.g. most continental European countries).
  • Mac OS 10.5: Corrected saving with Save As when the flowchart already had a filename.
  • Corrected issue loading flowchart files (.flo) when loaded via web-based e-mail programs.
  • Flowcharts with lines going to a Start symbol can now be downloaded to FlowGo, FlowIC and PICAXE without error.

Flowol 4.02

  • Reliability and performance improvements with the license key activation step.
  • Windows PC: On networks with a Web Proxy server, the user's credentials will be used to authenticate for activation.
  • Mac: permissions have been corrected so Flowol 4 can be used by all users on the computer.

Flowol 4.01

  • Flowol 4 will now load on a Windows PC with no Printers installed.
  • OpenGL error messages no longer are shown on certain Windows PC computers when 3D mimics with labels are used.
  • Open and Save of a flowchart file now works on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Flowol 4.00

Flowol 4.00 is the first release of Flowol 4. It has since had some minor updates, please see above.