VEX V5 Programming and Robot Construction Online Course (Summer 2020)

An intensive 6-week course on VEX V5 robot construction, programming, and preparation for the VEX Robotics Competition. Participants will learn how to build, program, and test robots using a combination of live webcast and software simulation. The participant will learn enough to start teaching VEX V5 construction and programming to students.

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Who is this for?

Teachers using VEX V5 in the classroom or any adult leading an after-school VEX IQ program.

Course Title

VEX V5 Programming and Robot Construction

Course Code

EDR 350


August 18th - September 22nd, 2020


Tuesday evenings for six weeks (4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Eastern)


By invitation to a live webinar. When the session concludes, class materials will be posted to a password-protected site for download.


$350 per person 

Includes access to the Robot Mesh Studio software and VEX robotics curriculum. A robot is not required for the course. If you wish to purchase a robot please contact Chris Schulz (course instructor) at


None, although some experience in programming would be helpful

Skills and Expertise Gained

  • Expertise with the VEX V5 robot construction platform, and sensor programming and use
  • Competence at programming VEX V5 robots using Blockly (a graphical language)
  • Understanding of available VEX V5 educational resources
  • How to manage VEX firmware
  • Using the Robot Mesh VEX V5 curriculum with students
  • Using Mimics to build and program robots online
  • Familiarity with advanced sensors (vision sensor and inertial sensor)
  • Programming Topics
    • Using Robot Mesh Controller Express
    • Getting Started with Blockly
    • Programming Basic Movement
    • Programming Drivetrains
    • Programming with Bumper Switches
    • Using Loops and Logic
    • Object Recognition using the Vision Sensor
    • Precison movement using the Inertial sensor


  • Introduction to the VEX V5 Challenge program
    • Getting Started with VEX Robotics Competition
    • Introduce the game current game
    • Team Management and Best Practices


  • Participants will need their own computer – either Windows or macOS with Chrome installed and at least one USB port. Robot Mesh sells Chromebooks if you are interested in purchasing a computer for the class.
  • Logistics:
    • You do not need a robot to participate, although it is highly encouraged.
    • If you would like to buy a robot or Chromebook for the training please write to Chris Schulz (course instructor) at
    • Closer to the July workshop dates participants will receive an email with login instructions for the live webinar.
    • The live webinar will meet weekly for six weeks (2 hrs) each night - 1.5 hrs of instruction, a half-hour for questions.
    • 'Homework' assignments will be given out that make use of Robot Mesh Studio simulations of the VEX V5 hardware.
    • A forum will also be made available where participants can ask questions throughout the week.
    • At the end of each webinar session, class materials and video recording from the webinar will be posted to the web.