Robot Mesh ACTE Career Tech Expo
Booth 837
Robotics is a truly inspirational way of bringing STEM learning into the classroom. Make the next engineers and computer scientists.
Python Program VEX/VEX IQ robotics in a scratch-like Blockly language for free online
Python Move to the next level and Program VEX/VEX IQ robotics in Python for free online
Flowol Or for an easier solution, use the Flowol software as way to bring robotics programming to all middle/high school students using a visual flowchart.
So, come and visit us at Booth 837 to see it all in action.
But we don't just stop with the software...
Robot Mesh is an authorized distributor of all the robotics kits below.
At Robot Mesh, find our technical expertise, fast service and the best prices.
Special Expo coupon code ACTE2014 for FREE SHIPPING on all orders through end of January 2015. School Purchase Orders accepted.
VEX IQ The VEX IQ System is an easy to assemble robotics kit for elementary/middle users. Shop all VEX IQ kits and parts.
VEX Robotics The VEX Robotics System is a strong, metal construction solution for the most demanding robots. Also used in the world-wide VEX Robotics Competition. Shop all VEX classroom and competition products, down to the smallest shaft collar.
Arduino Official manufactures of the Arduino microcontrollers and shields. Shop Arduino controllers, and the official Arduino Starter Kit. Tinkerkit motors, sensors and connectors now available.